James Dean Mural


Roy Schatt Photography Studio
Mural and restoration of additional mural, NYC

It was an honor to be asked by Elaine Schatt to complete the mural Roy Schatt began prior to his passing, as a tribute to his dear friend actor James Dean. Jimmy had a real interest in learning photography as he had aspirations to become a director later in life.

The black and white photos are from Mr. Schatt’s book “James Dean- A Portrait”, and show Jimmy preparing to shoot an 8mm film of a fountainhead that used to be on the same wall where the mural exists.

It was a wonderful experience working creatively, literally at the same spot as Jimmy and Roy had in their personal lives. And as in many locations in New York, so much history has occurred by people who have impacted our culture in great magnitude, that now are only whispers unknown to the many people who pass them or never see them at all.

Jimmy’s short film of the fountainhead can be found on Youtube, using a search “Complete James Dean Home Movies-Commentary by Marcus Winslow”

Thank you for your friendship, Elaine.

James Dean at Roy Schatt Photography Studio